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Check out my Resume here:





- A.A.B., Applied Business, University of Cincinnati, OH


- B.F.A., Graphic Communication and Design, Kennesaw State University, GA




- Tutor, Smart Center, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA




- Marketing Commission, Reynoldsburg Robotics Team, team banner, logo, and shirts



- Menu Commission, Peachy Corners Cafe, two screen TV menu design



- Logo Commission, Sadie Stone, cup company logo design

 - Menu Redo Commission, Peachy Corners Cafe, two screen TV menu design

- Poster Commission, MediumMethodMedia, social media art account poster design

- Campaign Brand Commission, Long Tran, house representative campaign signs, logo, and shirt design

- Shirt Commission, Dunwoody Robotics Team, robotics front and back shirt design

- Portrait Commission, Jolie Craven, personal digital painted portrait 

- Resume Commission, Tristan Johnson, real estate resume design

- Icon Commission, Smart Center KSU, icon enhancement and rendering

- Branding Guide Commission, Upbeat Entertainment ATL, DJ company brand guideline, icons, and logo redesign

- Logo Commission, The King's Breed, wellness company logo design

- Logo Commission, Coach Nathan, tennis company logo

- Illustration Commission, David Ocean, motorcycle shirt illustration

- Flyer Commission, Smart Center KSU, tutoring service lightbulb flyer and sign design 

- Shirt Commission, Smart Center KSU, tutoring service “Bridge the Gap” shirt design

- Business Card and Logo Commission, Drew Cleary, therapist brand design

- Shirt Commission, ASSE, student exchange shirt design

- Pamphlet Commission, Peachy Corners Cafe, to-go menu and takeout trifold pamphlet design

- Banner Commission, Smart Center KSU, tutoring service table runner design

- Vow Renewal Commission, Upbeat Entertainment ATL, Jewish vow renewal design

- Slide Presentation Commission, Michiki Morgan, consulting company slideshow design

- Logo Commission, N.E.W.S. Public Relations, weathervane news company logo design

- Slides Commission, Smart Center KSU, TV promotional slides design

- Logo Commission, Sunnie’s Bees, beekeeping and honey company logo design

- Doorknob Pamphlet Commission, Long Tran, house representative campaign pamphlet design

- Logo Commission, WaggyJ's Residential Service, handyman and yard work company logo




- Reynoldsburg Robotics Team, OH



- Peachy Corners Cafe, GA



- Sadie Stone, GA

- Peachy Corners Cafe, GA

- Medium Method Media, GA

- Long Tran District 80 House Representative, GA

- Dunwoody Robotics Team, GA

- Jolie Craven, GA

- Tristan Johnson Real Estate, GA

- Smart Center Kennesaw State University, GA

- Upbeat Entertainment Atl, GA

- Drew Cleary, GA

- The King’s Breed, GA

- Coach Nathan, GA

- David Ocean, GA

- ASSE Student Exchange, USA

- Michiki Morgan, N.A.

- N.E.W.S. Public Relations, N.A.

- Sunnie’s Bees, GA

- The Modern Maximalist, GA

- WaggyJ's Residential Services, OH


- Aiden and Ian Barmitzfa, GA

- Swan's Removal, UK

- LifeIs by Corean Canty, GA

- Li Lom Productions, GA

- 92 Rue Bakery, GA

- Tristan Johnson Coldwell Realty, OH

- Peachy Corners Cafe, GA

- Centraire Heating and Air Conditioning, N.A.

- ModFX Media, N.A.

- Trident, N.A.

- Women in Technology, GA

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